Wouldn't it be helpful to know the industry sector, geographic region, journalist roster and contact information for the thousands of internet based publications available today? Inside Media's Source Management team makes that possible. Every publication on our media list is accompanied by a range of specific information about that publication, giving you the ability to determine more about an article's value than ever before.

Specific practical details on all media sources
Expanded and Updated daily
Searchable database available to clients online via imSCS
Source knowledge linked to every article
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Who wrote this article? What type of publication is it from? Where in the world is it published? When was this article written? How can I get further information about this article quickly? These are just a few of the questions asked everyday about the articles that make a difference in how an article is used, and the value it brings to the media monitoring effort. Inside Media's Source Knowledge brings this information to your fingertips, so these questions can be answered before they're even asked!

Journalist/ byline information
Publication characteristics
Geographic region/ Contact information
Article dates and details
Industry Sector/ Sub-sector
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When an internet based publication publishes an article, there is a very good chance that it will also be published in a hard-copy publication, as well as make an appearance on a newswire or broadcast program. But how can you know if there is a relationship there in order to find the additional articles? Inside Media links each publication to its sister or peer media source, as well as providing answers to these important questions:

Does this internet publication have a hardcopy companion?
What are the other publications in this sector or region?
Does this journalist write for other publications?
Who can I call for further information on this newswire story?
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