Who is discussing your brand? What are they saying? Where are they saying it? And what are the implications for the brand? These are questions that are answered for Inside Media Brand Intelligence clients each day. Monitoring thousands of sources for brand mentions can raise some very interesting discussions about the merits of a brands influence, consumer satisfaction or dissatisfaction, future plans and even sensitive brand information.

Editorial Media, Weblogs & Consumer Feedback
Chatrooms & Discussion forums across all sectors
Up to date brand knowledge that works
Domestic and Global reach
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Inside Media Brand Intelligence service can be used as an alert for current brand mentions in relation to key events and/or groups, or as a daily collection of information affecting the brand domestically and around the globe. Clients who have brand protection programs can reinforce their reach globally, as well as inform all brand teams about the situations that face them on a daily basis. Collecting this information is the first step to a successful brand management and intelligence program.

Brand Acceptance or Rejection
Brand Risk & Activism

On/Off Record Brand Discussion

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Clients are able to change their requirements of the service daily, and can audit the results as necessary. Important items can be flagged for instant attention, and interactive facilities allow for quick and efficient communication of the core message for each brand mention. Filters can be applied to the service so that even the most indepth and detailed request is reflected in regular reports. Inside Media Brand Intelligence delivers the information you need. Now.
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